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Support Biden, Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot by phone banking with the Joe Biden Campaign. Sign up to attend a live Call Crew Training with campaign staff and start connecting with voters across the country!

About Joe Biden Campaign

Want to put your energy toward getting Trump out of office? Support the Biden-Harris ticket by working directly for the presidential campaign.

Testimonials (1)

"The Joe Biden campaign volunteer experience is a very direct, low-hassle way to make an impact immediately. Within 2-3 minutes of clicking the link, I was connecting with Florida voters alongside a simple step-by-step script interface that walked me through the process. They offer an easy plugin to invite friends and phone bank as a team, so it can be a great collaborative experience as well. By far, the best thing about this experience was the extremely low barrier to entry, making this an awesome option for people who might only have 15-30 minutes to make an impact."

Nakul Makkad, Washington, DC