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HeadCount text banking involves texting prospective voters to encourage them to register to vote and cast their ballots.

About Headcount

HeadCount is a nonpartisan organization that leverages the power of music to inform and empower young people and music lovers. In collaboration with hundreds of artists, HeadCount stages voter registration drives at concerts to sign up voters. They also run digital campaigns to educate people about the importance participating in our democracy.

Testimonials (1)

"Headcount text banking is especially fun because all opportunities revolve around a particular band, artist, or event - even virtually! I joined a text banking night for Ariana Grande fans, so it was fun to have that added sense of community in addition to being in a Zoom room with lots of passionate volunteers texting together ! I was trained during the Zoom call, and was able to start text banking immediately. It's a well-organized program and I'd highly recommend it to anyone, especially music fans!"

Jenny, Colorado Springs, CO