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Phone bank with Indivisible and help connect with voters in key states ahead of November. Volunteers can get involved from anywhere, and will only need access to a phone and a computer or tablet to use the remote phone-banking system.

About Indivisible

Anchored by thousands of autonomous local groups and a national staff, Indivisible is a progressive grassroots movement that seeks to stop the Trump agenda by strengthening our democracy. Indivisible is made up of independent groups that coordinate with each other and the national team. Their efforts include driving coordinated campaigns with resources and training, and channeling grassroots energy into electing progressive candidates.

Testimonials (1)

"Indivisible phone banking is perfect for people who want to encourage voter turnout in a low stakes, stress free way! Indivisible offers daily phone banks between 2pm and 8pm to call voters to encourage them to register to vote and create a voting plan for election day. The phone bank platform provides information on different voting options and the phone bank is designed to encourage voting safely during COVID-19, such as providing information on voting by mail. The phone banks target a different swing state every day."

Annie Smith, Brooklyn, NY