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Poll workers are responsible for setting up and closing a polling place, helping voters understand their rights, and protecting ballots and voting equipment. You can expect a full day of work on Election Day, in what's guaranteed to be a memorable experience. All poll workers are provided with PPE and training, and in many districts, they are paid.

About Power The Polls

Poll workers are vital to ensuring our elections run smoothly. In the midst of COVID-19, America is desperately short on poll workers. These workers tend to be above 60—one of the most vulnerable demographics in the pandemic. It's more important than ever to harness the vital energy of young people on the frontlines, AKA the polling sites.

Testimonials (1)

"Signing up to become a poll worker takes less that 5 minutes! Email info@elections.ny.gov with the subject line "Become a Poll Worker" with your full name, address, county, email, and phone number. - That's it! I think it's important for younger poll workers to work at polling sites to keep those that are older home safe, show others we care about our future and for younger generations to see someone their age putting in the time and considering to do it next time!"

Elfe Marschall, Harlem, NY