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Door knocking may not be an option right now, but volunteers can still talk to voters and make an impact. Join Knock for Democracy's virtual dialing parties, where volunteers can make calls together to voters across the country while remaining safely socially distanced. They'll be working to move the needle in key battleground states like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Arizona.

About Knock For Democracy

Help elect Democrats, one conversation at a time. Knock for Democracy makes person-to-person political engagement accessible and fun. They identify key races, provide trainings, and help volunteers have effective conversations with voters.

Testimonials (1)

“Knock for Democracy phone banking is my favorite way to volunteer because of the incredible team spirit involved. Knock for Democracy hosts phone banks at specific times over Zoom where all the volunteers join and phone bank at the same time together. Once the phone bank starts, everyone goes on mute to make their calls, but there are breaks during the session where you can ask questions or share experiences. You can also ask questions at any time in the chat. The phone banks are for Democrats in a variety of races across the country. The day before the phone bank, Knock for Democracy emails you background information on whichever Democratic candidate is selected for that week. The Knock for Democracy team also does an overview of the candidate over zoom before the phone bank begins. Such a fun experience in a very supportive and collaborative setting.”

Annie, Brooklyn, NY