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When phone banking with the Progressive Turnout Project, you'll be chatting with infrequent Democratic voters to encourage them to vote and answering logistical questions about polling places and ballots. Your call might be just what they need to hear as they consider participating in the general election.

About Progressive Turnout Project

Progressive Turnout Project works specifically to get Democrats to vote. Their methods have proven effective - in 2018, their field efforts yielded a 10.4% increase in average turnout. Join the movement and harness the Progressive Turnout Project's individualized approach to show voters that their voices matter.

Testimonials (1)

"I really appreciated how easy it was to sign up and phone bank with Turnout2020! Turnout2020 offers phone banking sessions from 6-9pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and volunteers can join at any time for any amount of time. You're making calls by yourself, not with a group over Zoom, which is good for people who want to do it at any time they're free and hanging out on their couch! The phone banking sessions have fun names too - they're called Turnout Tuesdays, Turnout Thursdays, and Swing Saturdays. It's all about calling swing state voters, asking if they're planning on supporting democrats, and encouraging them to vote safely (such as voting by mail, etc.)"