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Write handwritten letters and postcards on your own or during Zoom events to prospective voters all across the country! Creativity is encouraged, but Vote Forward will also provide templates and tips for effective writing. They have partnered with Swing Left for access - you'll just need to register and request access to get started.

About Vote Forward

Vote Forward allows you to get personal with voters. As a volunteer, you'll send handwritten letters to people across the country explaining why voting is important to you. If you're comfortable with writing your own script, Vote Forward will be a great fit.

Testimonials (1)

The Vote Forward materials are very organized and easy to complete. It consists of names and addresses of prospective voters. The letters are short and to the point and leave a space for the volunteer to include a personal note about the importance of each vote. Besides the list of potential voters whose addresses you put on envelopes, there are the letters which contain a name and address at the bottom of each to insure each letter gets put in a separate envelope. You can choose different packet sizes depending on how many letters you want to send. I addressed the envelopes, etc. on a zoom with family members and it went quickly. I will do more.

Valerie Lyon, New York, New York