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Have you ever wondered how you can help turn battleground states blue? Regardless of where you live, Adopt a State connects you directly to volunteers, organizers and candidates in battleground states. It’s easy: pick a state and sign up. Adopt a State will provide you with the tools you need to be a force for progressive politics, all without leaving your living room! Help put registered voters on the Permanent Early Voting List to receive mail-in ballots, which can increase their likeliness of voting by 50 percent.

Take your pick from the six battleground states: Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, Northcarolina, Wisconsin, and Arizona. Sign up for the state of your choice, and you'll be added to the Adopt a State listserv. You'll get a curated list of volunteer options by email, with new opportunities each week to engage with voters and initiatives in the battleground state you're supporting.

About Vote Save America

Every Last Vote: Voter suppression, lack of community resources, inflexible work schedules — all of it robs voters of their voice. Vote Save America has joined with PowerPac, a social justice organization, to support aggressive, on-the-ground efforts to mobilize Black, brown, indigenous, and other marginalized communities that are routinely victims of targeted voter disenfranchisement efforts. Chip in to help groups like Wisconsin’s Souls to the Polls or the Florida Immigration Coalition get out the vote in each battleground state.